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“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


We created IHI to empower our members to live a healthy, vital life through education, inspiration, and community. Let us help you solve and prevent the health challenges that keep you from living your best life.

Wholesale pricing on 400+ BRANDS OF SUPPLEMENTS

We want the tools you need for optimal health to be affordable and accessible. This includes the herbs, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and formulas used in the protocols we recommend to help people overcome health challenges. To accomplish this, we are providing you access to discounted wholesale pricing on 400+ supplement brands. 

In addition to supplements, our easy to use platform offers discounted pricing on natural body care products including lotions, moisturizers, make-up, and deodorants. You will also find food products including organic nuts and seeds, organic herbal teas, organic dried fruits, and more.

You will receive an ongoing discount of 35% off retail pricing as long as you are an active member of the Inspired Health Institute.


Each month we will take a deep dive into a relevant health topic in an interactive and informative live webinar presented by Dr. Passero and Angie Thomas, CNC. Education and knowledge are the building blocks for facilitating a powerful transformation in your health. 

These events will motivate you to implement change by educating you on key areas of health and nutrition. We will provide in-depth overviews of natural solutions including diagnostics, nutritional interventions, treatment strategies, and lifestyle considerations.

Each event will end with an opportunity for you to participate in an interactive question and answer session.


In these community calls, Dr. Passero and Angie will select topics and questions submitted by members of the Inspired Health community and facilitate an interactive format of discussion to educate participants about various issues related to health, wellness, and lifestyle. These calls are designed to allow you to ask the doctor and nutritionist your most important health questions in a live, interactive format.


Our Inspired Health newsletter is a thoughtfully crafted monthly publication designed to stimulate your mind and support your health and vitality. Each month, you will learn about a variety of topics spanning health, supplements, nutrition, food, and fun things to make you smile and feel inspired. 

We feel that living a fulfilled and vital life requires that our minds be stimulated and that the information we learn inspires creativity and expansive thought. Most people fail to break unhealthy patterns in their life because they are stuck in habitual loops. Scientists estimate that we have about 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day, but up to 90% of those thoughts are repetitive and are the same thoughts we had the day before!!! No wonder people get stuck.

Our Inspired Health newsletter aims to help you stimulate new thoughts and healthy patterns. Most people do not need another boring how-to lecture. What they need is inspiration and fun to motivate and help them make the lasting changes needed to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.


Each quarter of the calendar year, we will select a book with a topic related to health, wellness, or self-improvement. Members who choose to be part of our book club are invited to engage in a live discussion with Dr. Passero and Angie each month to discuss topics covered in the book. We have learned that many of our patients enjoy educating themselves through popular books, but they frequently bring up more questions than solutions. 

In the Inspired Health book club, you will not only read some of the most interesting books on the market, but you will also get interactive commentary on the philosophies related to those books. This will provide a deeper understanding of the information and allow you to sift through what is of true value for your health and what is not. Don’t worry if you’re shy, you can just listen in!


The Metabolic Makeover was developed in our clinic by Angie Thomas, CNC to meet the needs of our male and female patients that desired weight loss and improved health primarily through nutritional excellence. It was designed to avoid the common pitfalls associated with many other diet and detox programs on the market by incorporating wholesome foods and healthy lifestyle practices from the first day. We now use this valuable program as a starting point in many of our patients’ journeys to better health as they detox from poor nutrition and lifestyle habits and progress towards their health goals. 

Our patients love this program because it is easy to follow, provides effortless weight loss, increases energy, and many have reported resolution of a variety of health concerns including digestive issues, skin problems, sleep dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, elevated cholesterol, joint and body pain, and chronic inflammation.

As part of your membership, we are excited to offer this clinically validated program at no additional cost. Members have access to the comprehensive PDF guide which takes you through The Metabolic Makeover. Additionally, you will receive 15% off the custom meal replacement shake utilized during the program. Periodically, Dr. Passero and Angie will facilitate a group Metabolic Makeover journey.

This program offers you a unique opportunity to boost your health as it has for thousands of our patients over the years.

Overview of Benefits

Wholesale pricing (35% off) on 400+ brands of high-quality supplements

Monthly live educational webinar with Q&A

Monthly live community call with Q&A

Monthly newsletter with inspiration & information for your mind & body

Monthly book club with live discussion

The Metabolic Makeover weight loss & detox program

Please note: We are Christian and enjoy sharing our faith, but we are committed to helping everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Be assured that the information we share through the Inspired Health Institute™ is evidence based and backed by science, clinical research, and experience. As health care professionals, we are inspired to see science uncover the role that spirituality has on human health.

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