Estrogens and Breast Health

Estrogens and Breast Health

Most estrogen is produced by the body and is necessary for normal human function in women and to a lesser extent men. Its main function is to promote cellular growth and proliferation. However, all estrogen that is released in the bloodstream must also be filtered out as new estrogen is produced. Different people’s bodies filter estrogen in different ways. There are 4 know ways in which this can happen. Two of those ways (say 1&2) produce estrogen by-products that are known to be highly correlated with breast cancer. Another of those ways (say 3) is known to have no correlation with breast cancer and the fourth way (4) is known to be protective against breast cancer. It is also known that if you are found to be a person who produces the ones that are correlated with cancer (this is determined by a simple urine test) then simple dietary changes and herbal supplements can shift your body into making the protective kind. This is a very easy way to empower yourself with changes that can reduce the risk and potential of developing a devastating and rampant disease.

Most of women’s health issues today (ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, irregular menses, fibrocystic breasts, etc) are due to an estrogen dominance. One may rightly ask; where does all this estrogen come from? Well we know some comes from our own bodies, but the rest comes mainly from the environment. The industrial revolution has brought us an onslaught of new chemicals our bodies were never designed to deal with.

Pesticides and plastics are particularly a problem when considering estrogen dominance. They are called xeno-estrogens and our body reacts to them as if they were estrogen. Even worse, they are about 10 times more potent in activating our cells than our own body’s estrogen, and even worse if you combine 2 at the same time they are about 10,000 times more potent. Now with this in mind, consider the rapid rise of a hormone related cancer, like breast cancer, since the industrial revolution. As stated earlier, estrogen makes cells proliferate and cancer is cell proliferation out of control.

There are many ways to protect your body from the ill effects of xeno-estrogens. Eating meat raised without hormones, avoiding food heavily sprayed with pesticides and not heating or micro-waving food in plastic containers are just a few to start. Also cells can be protected from these estrogens by much weaker ones found in plant sources like flax seeds.

Most women in our society have some concern or fear about breast cancer because of its common occurrence. Unfortunately, they are not given many options about what to do to help prevent it. It often seems like an anxious waiting game while hoping to beat the odds. In reality, there is a wealth of information based on new and old research that can empower women wanting to reduce their chances of developing a very serious disease. Further, many other women’s health issues respond very well to normalizing estrogen metabolism and estrogen levels through dietary, herbal and nutritional support.


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