Join Green Healing for the Clean Program 7 Day Refresh Detox

Why Should I Cleanse?

You probably know, but we are constantly exposed to toxins. Pollutants in the air, chemicals we put on our skin, stress, and processed food and drinks we have accepted into our modern diet are bombarding our bodies. Your body’s detoxification system cannot keep up, and the result is a toxic build-up. This accumulation can be the cause of weight gain, lack of energy, headaches, and digestive problems, amongst other disease. When we remove foods that cause allergies, sensitivities, and digestive problems, and give our bodies proper nutrition, our system is given the opportunity to release some of the toxic build-up and heal itself. Sounds exciting, right? Would you give me a 7 day commitment?

What Can I Expect During a 7 Day Cleanse?

You will start your day with a shake, have a solid lunch from a list of approved foods, and end the day with another shake. The liquid meals will give your system a rest from its largest energy consumer: digestion. When your body is able to rest from digesting, it can spend its energy elsewhere– removing toxic load. These liquid meals are not meant to leave you hungry. You can blend unsweetened almond butter, almond or coconut milk, frozen organic berries, avocado, coconut oil, and other approved foods to make your shake tasty and filling. Go wild! Use enough protein, fat, and nutrient dense foods (i.e. baby spinach, frozen berries) to feel sated until lunch. The supplements provided will support phases I and II of liver detoxification, restore energy (without caffeine) and help correct nutritional deficiencies. After 7 days, you will have more energy, feel lighter, and have set the foundation for a new start!

Everyone can get off track sometimes, but let’s do something about it!

Our bodies are amazing at healing given the proper environment. Please join me and my staff on this 7 day nutritional cleanse—call 443-433-5540 to order your kit. You will get a booklet with fantastic Clean recipes, a wallet sized card to keep you on track at the grocery store, online community support, and a team of wellness coaches offered to you at no charge. I will be doing this right along with you—-let’s get started (and done!)

For more information on joining the detox, e-mail us today at!


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