Now is the time to renew your commitment to being healthy! With the holidays behind us, our increased consumption of sugar, alcohol, and refined grains, coupled with less time to exercise, has left our bodies feeling heavier, slower, and generally worn down. Have you been meaning to improve your diet and shed those extra pounds, but told yourself you’d wait until the New Year to make the commitment?

There is no better way to get your health goals back on track than embarking on a cleansing program with Green Healing! These 14, 21 and 28 day programs are designed to help your body eliminate toxins and provide a structured health recovery plan focused on high quality foods, leaving you energized, clear headed, and very likely several pounds lighter!

Aside from the importance of doing a cleansing program several times per year to help your body deal with the overwhelming amount of toxins found in our environment, cleansing programs facilitate improvements in health and weight loss because they focus on nutrient rich, hypoallergenic, and anti-inflammatory foods. Patients regularly report significant improvements in energy levels, increased mental acuity, restorative sleep, improved digestion, and weight loss (if they have pounds to lose).

We have provided you with several options to get the results you desire. All of the programs utilize ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade supplements and vegan protein powders with exceptional taste, texture, and ease of use. You will NOT be hungry, do not need to fast, and will enjoy real foods of your choice, all while feeling fantastic and improving your health. Every program comes with a detailed guide to answer questions, and includes recipes to ensure the process is easy, convenient and effective.

• The Basic Start Program: This 14 day cleanse is the most popular program we offer. It’s short duration and excellent results offer an easy start to getting your diet and body back on track. We have received exceptional feedback on this one!

• The Doctor Recommended Program: For people looking for greater health benefits, the 21 day cleanse is an excellent option. It utilizes the same high quality supplements and great tasting protein powder as the 14 day, but is extended by 7 days. This may seem like a small difference, but the extra week solidifies your new, positive lifestyle habits, and gives your body an extra push towards greater health. I personally recommend this program, and will be starting it myself on February 2nd. I will be sharing experiences, recipes and helpful suggestions, as well as answering questions on social media during the program. This is an excellent opportunity for an interactive experience with me!

• The Weight Loss Program: For people interested in maximizing the weight loss benefits of a cleansing program, we are offering a new, 28 day option. This cutting edge, weight loss focused program utilizes the already mentioned 14 day cleanse to kick start your metabolism, followed by a 14 day weight loss focused program that incorporates effective and safe natural supplements to supercharge your metabolism. NO stimulants are ever used in any of the weight loss programs offered at Green Healing and all of the formulas have been personally reviewed by me, Dr. Passero, for safety and efficacy. The 14 day detox and 14 day weight loss programs are sold separately, and you may order the weight loss program alone if you prefer.

Seize the moment and get your health back on track today by calling our office at 443-433-5540, or click here, to order your program! Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and share with you the power of these programs and benefits they offer.

Cheers to your health!
Dr. Passero


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